Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye Truck

 The time has come... Joe sold his truck.
It was a sad day. Joe has had this truck since before we met... he's had it since he "accidentally" bought it on ebay after his mission actually. 

Lots of memories in this truck. On our first date, we threw our bikes in the back to go riding, followed by driving up in the hills surrounding Boise and talking about our life goals. We later drove this truck to Southern Utah where Joe proposed in Zion National Park. This is also the truck where I chewed Joe out before we started dating and then he wouldn't talk to me for months!

And more recently, this is the truck that Jay loved to work with his Dad in. This is the night he said goodbye!
Hopefully it will be a place of memories for the next owner too! Bye, old friend.

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Melissa Ortolani said...

Whats the story about you chewing Joe out before you started dating? I would LOVE to hear it. haha