Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Sisters, Sisters"

My sister, Amy, finally came to visit St. George! It was a blast. She brought her four adorable little boys... And her husband of course. Unfortunately, I only got a few pictures of the adults in the background with no real proof that we were actually having fun. So you'll have to take my word for it. But I got plenty of the kids.

We did a ton of fun stuff...

We went hiking in Zion's.

Had an Easter Egg Hunt.

And went to a super cool park in Colorado City.

The best part about the park... and probably my sister's visit... was a huge slide that ran down the side of a hill.

If you slide on a blanket, you go really fast.

Those polygamists know how to party.

We also hit a splash park on Saturday while the husbands went to Las Vegas, but I didn't bring my camera. We had fun at the park but not as much fun as the guys who went to three or four buffets in a 10 hour period of time! Apparently, they both got sick but somehow still loved it.

Oh well, it was so awesome to have my sister's family here. Come again anytime Amy!


Mom and Dad Brady said...

You have a great family, Stacy. (I meant your side of the family, but we're OK too, I guess :D ).
Glad you have such a fun sister, and husband, and family. Looks like you made the most of your visit together. I have GOT to see that slide! It has been in several family posts now.

Amy Bates said...

You got some great pics! It was a blast coming to see you guys. We pulled into Grantville Sunday to a hail storm... lets just say I miss St George a lot! I also miss your cooking and cleaning...wanna come live with me?