Wednesday, April 27, 2011


(Jay "helping" me pick weeds)

Joe, Jay, and I were all riding on the bench seat of Joe's carpet cleaning van with Jay in the middle. Jay grabbed both of our arms and made Joe and I hold hands. Then he started playing with my wedding ring.
Jay: "Mommy, take off your ring."
Me: "Jay, I can't take off my ring. Do you know what this ring means?"
Jay: "No."
Me: "It means Mommy and Daddy are married and we'll be together forever. And you will be ours forever too."
Jay: "Oh... Where's my ring?"

Today, I was lazy and wore my hair in pig tails.
Me: "Jay, do you like Mommy's pig tails?"
Jay (grabbing both pig tails): "No... this one's an elephant tail and this one's a monkey tail."

I'm trying to not take the elephant tail comment as a reference to my growing belly. But it's hard not to when more than once lately Jay has referred to me as his "Big Mommy".


Janelle said...

Haha cute boy! I want to see pictures of your baby bump. And thanks for calling this morning, it was nice to talk to you!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

Are those Jay's garden gloves? Or outdoor workman's gloves? Whatever they are, they are sure cute. Can't imagine he'd keep a ring on for long can you? We are SUPER excited about Jay's little brother even though it means Mommy getting a bit bigger for a bit. See you soon!!!!

Traci said...

Oh funny boy! And wow does that kid's hair grows fast! And, yes, those are very cute gloves on him.

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