Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm feeling reflective.

(Reflective is a funny word because what I mean is thoughtful but I'm sure I conjured up mental images of sequins and body glitter. So please refer to the former explanation and I'll start again...)

I'm experiencing a phenomenon relating to or characterized by deep thought.

Today, I was watching Joe read "Danny the Dinosaur" to Jay and I thought, "Is this what life is all about?" I think I get caught up in so many unimportant things. I've watched a lot of people close to me struggle and suffer through their life's trials and I can't help but wonder what makes their life bearable. Who makes their life worth living?

For me, I live to hear Jay tell me that he has a secret and then cup his hands around my ear and in the sweetest little voice whisper, "Dinosaur." (He really likes dinosaurs.)

I live to see what a great Dad Joe is and how his eyes light up when he plays with Jay. And to see the same light in Jay's eyes.

I hope everyone has that. Sappy, I know. But those are my thoughts tonight.


Janelle said...

Love this! We always knew Joe would make a great Dad and it's so fun to see him with cute little Jay. And you're such a great mom too! You've got the sweetest little boy.

Julie @ Becoming-Someone said...

Stacy, I just love ya! So great!

Shannon said...

Stacy, if this is what life is really made of, then it's amazing. I admire you for recognizing moments such as these and loving it. Especially in the midst of everything else you are going through. Sei nelle miei preghiere. LOVE YOU!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

We're glad you three have/love each other. (We're also glad you're part of our family).