Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daddy's Girl

At first glance, my parents are polar opposites... my dad, the free-spirited, prodigal teddy bear married to my mom, the socially timid, ever-faithful bookworm. I was very young when I realized that this was an unconventional match up. Some of my earliest memories were watching my parents in public situations and I think, even then, I found it humorous. My dad would be all over the place talking to anyone and everyone until he made some joke, to which everyone listening would laugh, except my mom. She would simply smirk and look around for a pair of sympathetic eyes. I later came to understand that her look was not embarrassment or pity even, but rather her acknowledgment that she had very little control of what her husband said. This honestly is one of my favorite things about my parents. Because no matter how many times I have seen that look from my mom, I know (in their own odd, little way) my parents are perfect for each other.

Recently, I have suspected that my own marriage may be following in my parents' footsteps. I realized last night that the number one thing my husband says to me, besides "I love you", is "You're not funny." Now, I don't take offense to this because he is almost always laughing when he says it. (That kind of negates his point.) But I'm 90% sure that my husband is either embarrassed by me or for me. He insists that before I post ANYTHING on this blog, I must run it by him first... which I rarely ever do. He nearly died when he saw the post about our new dishwasher. I guess I can only hope that my own children find this as endearing as I did growing up.


Mike and Alli said...

Okay, I remember your dishwasher post without even having to look at it. It was classic. Probably one of my favorite blog posts ever!
Secondly, one of the first things Mike said to me this morning was, "You are scary adorable." He was actually emphasizing the scary part, though. I think my insane humor alarms him. Ah, husbands.

Alex and Marie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your humor!

Kade and Teann said...

Stacy, you ARE funny, no matter what Joey says. :) I live to hear (read) your latest posts. ;) And regarding the hair length change: yes, this probably is the first time ever that my hair has been shorter than yours! Haha.

Mom and Dad Brady said...

I've heard Joe say, 'You're not funny, Stacy'--and you are right, he's always laughing as he says it. Keep it up he OBVIOUSLY loves (we love) your sense of humor.