Monday, August 2, 2010

"Terrible"y Cute Twos

I can't believe Jay is TWO!!! Aaagggh! He's growing up SO FAST! His birthday actually happened while we were in Phoenix but we had a party for him this past Saturday. It was great. All of Joe's brothers and sisters came, which made it very special. It was a "Cars"/"I can't believe it's not dairy" themed party. I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting and oreo crumbs... It was a monster truck cake.
Totally dairy free and soooo yummy. We also had Mexican Turkey burgers and coconut ice cream... not together but in that order. Anyhow, it was the greatest that everything was dairy-free and little Jay was totally safe the whole time. I can't thank everyone enough for coming and helping make that possible. I'm sure Jay won't remember it but I definitely will.

I also decorated the house with roads taped on the ground (which you can kind of see in the next picture) and street signs. Here's everyone watching Wipe Out before Jay opened his presents.
A few funny things about this picture.... first notice how the birthday boy is off by himself playing with a cup while the rest of us watch TV, second notice how delighted Janelle is to see someone fall and probably get injured, and last notice the pair of legs far off to the left that belong to Katie who is not even facing the TV because she thinks the show is ridiculous. (Which 80% of the time I agree with but sometimes I can't help but laugh.)

Seeing everyone together was so much fun. Jay was in heaven. He hugged just about everything he could get his little arms around.
And he got some great presents... bubbles, cars, a ball toy, sidewalk chalk, an alphabet puzzle, and a helmet and trike from Joe and me. He's been playing with all of these non stop since Saturday.

Today his obsession was the sidewalk chalk. And he insisted on wearing his helmet outside!
What a cute head! We just love him.
Jay is pretty much the greatest little kid ever. He is talking up a storm (full sentences now) and he narrates his whole life. (I don't know where he got that from!) When he's not talking, he's singing--which is hilarious because he'll sing a few words and then hold out his last note like an opera singer. He also gives the best hugs. We love this little man so much and are grateful everyday that he came into our lives. Happy Birthday Jay!


The Nielsons said...

Man, they grow up fast! Jay seems so much like Carter-fun and busy! I can totally imagine how hilarious it was with all the Brady brothers and sisters watching Wipe out-they are such a fun family. The monster truck theme cake was so awesome too-another favorite thing of Carter's too! Happy birthday Jay!

Audra said...

Thanks for giving us your blog address! Jay is a cutie! They grow to fast. Cute cake and fun that everyone could be there.

Ashlie said...

He is getting so big and so cute! I love the cake you did an amazing job. Miss you guys!

Janelle said...

Yay! He loves the sidewalk chalk! We had so much fun. Thanks for inviting us and you did an awesome job on the whole party. Can't wait to be with you all again for Maya's party!

Shannon said...

He's 2?! This cannot be possible.

I love that you made it such a great day for him. And after hearing he sings opera-style, I'm convinced I need to see you guys again soon.


Traci said...

Oh he's so cute! And so grown up looking. It was so fun to be with you guys, I'm glad I was there. The party was so fun and the food was delicious! I still want that burger recipe.

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

That was a fun day, and Jay just seemed so happy the whole time! He is such a cute little guy! Thanks for all the yummy food, too. We'll see you guys soon!

Karin said...

Just looking at those pictures show what a sweetie little Jay is.
Hey- I just received your old calling -youth sunday school teacher. PLEASE pass along any and all advice you have. I know you were awesome and they LOVED you!

G & G Brady said...

Wish Grandpa and I could have been there for the party! I'm glad I got to come down afterward and see the "road" you laid out on the carpet, and the road signs posted everywhere around the living room and kitchen. So FUN! Jay sure loves his helmet and bike! He looks so much like Joe (when Joey was little and had a helmet that he loved to wear) that it made me a bit nostalgic and teary-eyed when Jay put his helmet on and wore it around--it was almost like seeing 'my little boy' again twenty plus years later.