Friday, August 27, 2010

Dinner Tonight

Since I posted earlier today about Jay's allergies, I thought maybe I'd also share a goal that I've been working on lately. I'm attempting to cook as much as I can without dairy. It's tough but possible. You'd think that having a son with food allergies, I would just always cook that way-- but it's not that simple. First off, Jay hardly eats... at all. He's extremely picky and on top of that he's scared to eat new things because he's afraid he'll react to it. Second, eating dairy free can be expensive and it is time consuming considering most processed foods have some form of dairy in them. Third, my husband could not live without Ranch Dressing, provolone cheese, and chocolate milk.

But in order to prevent my son from eating pancakes and popsicles exclusively for the rest of his life, I'm attempting the impossible. Today, I found a recipe for Honey Orange Tilapia, another recipe for Garlic Red Potatoes (minus the Parmesan cheese) and two individual boxes of Green Giant Italian Seasoned Vegetables in the back of my freezer. Put it all together and Voila:
A totally dairy-free, totally yummy dinner. Jay actually ate some of the fish! I was shocked. For right now this goal is mainly for my peace of mind, knowing that we aren't eating dairy around Jay and that we can kiss him whenever we want (see post below). So far so good. Now if we can just get Jay to eat it....

P.S. Does anyone else totally waste romaine lettuce by putting it underneath a hot piece of meat just to make the plate look pretty?... I do.

Oh, and I sprinkle dried parsley on absolutely everything.

The end.


Branden and Andy said...

It is posible to cook with out milk and dairy. My mom did that for about 25 years with me. I was really allergic. I would get really dehdrated and wind up in the hospitle even after one little bite of something. I did manage to out grow it but my mom still cooks with out dairy for my dad. He is not as bad as I was but it does bother him if he eats too much. It is possible and healthier too. I hope and pray he'll out grow it when he is a teen. I know it is scary to think about but every ten or so years maybe try a little bit and see how he reacts. I know as a soon to be mom my self it is hard to do that to your own kid but it might help you guys relax a bit depending on how he reacts. Just trying to help and I support you guys. KEEP DOING A GREAT JOB!

Amy Bates said...

'cause everything looks better with dried parsley in it!

Kade and Teann said...

When Kade makes a nice meal every so often, he uses all sorts of food JUST for the sake of a good presentation. :) That meal looks quite delicious and beautiful. :)