Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Lot Can Happen In Two Years

Over the weekend, I realized that it has been exactly two years (June 14th) since Joe and I had our first date... well our first voluntary date that is. (We had been set up a year before and let's just say we weren't "ready" for each other.) But on our second first date Joe took me mountain biking on the trails by Camel's Back Park and then we drove up to Hull's Gultch overlooking Boise and talked about life and future goals. Heavy stuff for a first date I know. He was so sweet and our life goals were identical! Which at the time I thought he was trying way too hard and copying all of my answers! I later found out that he really does want all the same things I do. (Joe once told me that was the night he knew he was going to marry me.) I remember being so impressed that he paid attention to what I liked to do (biking). I was still in complete denial that I liked him at the time but I told his cousin the next day, "I don't know why I don't like him... he's doing everything right!" That didn't last long obviously. Now he's the love of my life. (Gross huh?)

Anyhow, we decided to "recreate" our first date last night. Here we are at the trail's head. (Speaking of heads... this picture is proof that mine is twice the size of Joe's!)

We decided to hike instead of bike because of one very important (and cute) development in our relationship: Jay seemed to really enjoy himself.
I wish I could have gotten a family shot but this is the best we could do. At least I got Jay's shoulder in the picture.
We didn't end up driving to Hull's Gultch because Jay was not so enthused about riding in the car. On the way home I kept him and me entertained by taking pictures of him..
(I think maybe he thinks something different will come out the other end!)
It was a fun night and good preparation for all our summer fun to come.


amybates said...

Cute family! Way to go, Joey has put up with you for 2 whole years! We hit our 7 year mark next Sunday. He bashfully walked up to say the closing prayer in Gospel Doctrine in a way old double breasted suit, almost worn through at the knees, and I was hooked!

Shannon said...

2 years?! Has it really been that long?! I love that you re-created your first date. And that Jay gets cuter by the minute. TVB!

G & G Brady said...

Cute pictures of all of you. Even Dad (Brady) can see Joey in Jay sometimes now.