Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Fun Weekend: Part II

Still to come: Part One...

On our way home from Utah this weekend we decided to make a detour.Joe and I were SOOOO tired so Jay drove most of the way.Obviously, I'm joking but Jay loves pretending to drive.....well okay he probably has no idea that's what he's doing and he just loves standing on Joe's lap.
Our detour was to Shoshone Falls.
AMAZING! Totally worth getting lost.
(Hint: Take the road that says "Waterfalls" with a big arrow.)
The picture just doesn't do it justice. I've never seen so much water... falling.
But the part I loved even more than all that water was the mist that it created. We went at the PERFECT time for pictures.We wrapped Jay up in a big blanket because it was pretty cold and wet. But how cute are my boys?This one reminds me a bit of "O Jerusalem". (The picture of Christ overlooking the city) Maybe it's just because Jay looks a bit Biblical in his blanket.
It was so fun to take time out of our drive to see this. There are so many things in Idaho that I have never seen and have totally missed out on because I'm in such a hurry to get where I am going. This was a lesson to slow down and appreciate the journey.

(Update: Okay I couldn't resist. Do you see why it makes me think of this?)

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Shannon said...

I'll just go ahead and comment on every post, okay?

Shoshone Falls are definitely more breathtaking this time of year than in the winter when I went there. And Jay's face "driving" is the cutest thing ever. I love your family!