Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Fun Weekend: Part I

I know you've been holding your breath for part one... since I just posted part two a few hours ago. I firmly believe that I have just such a following that would wake up on a Monday morning with nothing better to do than check my blog.

Well we went to Utah this weekend to witness a couple of wonderful events. First we went to see my cute sister-in-law go through the temple for the first time ever! Yeah Janelle. She's getting married next month to this guy... (I hope it's okay to post this picture Janelle!)
This is Brent. He's a great guy and we're very happy for them! Look how in love they are! Really I just happened upon the two of them leaning against this fence staring at each other, and I decided to take a picture. I'd say that's "Twu love".

Going through the temple was awesome and all the Brady kids (and Mom and Dad) got to be there for the first time together. Pretty cool. The temple was gorgeous... if I knew how to spell it's name, I'd tell you to go there.

We also went to see my sister's new baby!!! It's a boy. His name is John Maxwell and he's super cute. It's in the genes. Jay got to see so many cousins this weekend. All but one actually. And there are 3 more on the way! I didn't get any good pictures of all the cousins at Amy's house but I got a few of Jay playing with Maya. She makes Jay look pretty pastey. Here they are playing with mayonnaise packets. This is Maya's excited face! One of my favorite parts about visiting Utah is getting to see my mission companion Shannon. It is always good to catch up. Here we are on the mission in our elevator that we named Henry. We named it because we thought it was pretty funny that it had a security camera. We started teaching it the discussions and even gave him English lessons. His progress was always so up and down though! Ba dum chh... Oh man I couldn't resist! The highlight of the trip had to be Jay's first date. He fell pretty hard for this blonde beauty... (Don't be creaped out Jeana, I stole this from your blog!) This is Addy. She and Jay went on a double date with her parents. Kind of awkward I know. But it sounds like their first date went something like my first date with Joe. Apparently, Jay screamed for the first 45 minutes and then fell asleep. Like father like son I guess. He was a bit more friendly after he woke up though. So much so that Addy's Dad stepped in to give him a talk. Now if Jay really follows in his Daddy's footsteps and doesn't ask her out again for a year, we know it's a match made in heaven. They also went to church together the next day where Jay stole all of Addy's toys. She got him back though by planting milk slobber all over one of them and making him break out in hives. She's a clever one. I like her already.

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Shannon said...

Hey, that's me! Thanks for letting me come and visit you during your busy weekend. Ti voglIO bene.

Oh, and I love Henry too.

Oh, and do you remember that smoker lady that lived across the hall and often made it hard to breath while teaching Henry? I just found out the other day that she passed away (AND that she quite smoking before she died). There's your piece of random news for the day.