Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Live, You Learn, You Get Hives

I should just title this post "More Lessons Learned." Today was jam packed with "I'll-Never-Do-That-Again" moments. It's late so I'll stick to just the two most interesting ones:

#1) I learned that when you send your husband to Winco to pick up these: 
(Diced Green Chiles)

There's a very good chance he might come home with these: 
(Diced Jalapenos!)

Which wouldn't have been so catastrophic had I looked at the can and realized that's what it was. Ironically though, Jay got hungry at the precise moment when the chiles were supposed to be mixed into the casserole. So, not wanting to waste any time, I asked Joey to open the can of chiles and pour them in along with a few other things. Needless to say I didn't notice until after the meal was completely cooked and ready to be consumed... Also needless to say it brought me to tears! My mouth was on FIRE!  

#2) I learned that my son has a SEVERE milk allergy. I didn't even know this was possible but here's what happened: We realized about a month or two ago that Jay was allergic to formula... we're talking hives and trouble breathing. I figured it might be milk. Then he had a pretty bad reaction to mashed potatoes... which contain milk and butter. I figure it's probably milk. Then just this morning Joey was eating cereal and Jay bumped his bowl. It spilled milk all over his arm. He broke out in horrible hives anywhere the milk had touched! Bizarre huh? I'm really hoping he grows out of this cuz it's scary! He still has little bumps all over his arm and he's had two doses of Benedryl already. 


Shannon said...

Poor little guy! Too bad he doesn't have an allergic reaction to jalepenos. That's a much easier allergy to live with. Except for when it accidently finds its way into your casseroles! Love ya!

The Jones Crew said...

that is so weird stacy. I hope he grows out of that too. have you tried goats milk at all. we just got milk goats and the milk is mild enough for ]nfants to have, very nutritous and yummy to. welli hope that goes away. that is kinda scary. take care!

Devin said...

Hi guys, this is your brother Devin. Don't feel too bad, Joe. I don't think I've ever gotten it right when Mo sends me to the store. It's kind of nice because now I always offer to help (like a good husband should) but she never wants me to!
Jay's pretty cute. Too bad about the milk thing, because dairy is one of the principal joys of life.