Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh Jayboy

May 4, 2012 - Jay with a weird rash forming.

Here are the latest funny things out of Jay's mouth:

After asking Jay if Joe was funny, if I was funny, if boys were funny, if girls were funny, etc. and having him answer yes to all of them, I asked him, "So everyone's funny? Who isn't funny?" He responded, "Grandma."

After coming home from the store with Joe...
Jay: "Daddy and I got Jewel Binkies (Ring Pops) but not one for you."
I frowned.
Jay: "Mommy, I wanted one for you."
In other words, Joe did not.

Jay is sitting at the table sipping his apple juice with a spoon and says, "Ah, much nectar for me. I was hungry for it all day long."

He's been calling tomatoes "to-mah-toes".

At the table to get him to eat sometimes we say, "Take a brachiosaurus bite!" And he proceeds to shove the food into his mouth like a wood chipper. Well one day I was trying to get him to eat a turkey sandwich that he REALLY didn't want to eat. So I said, "Take a brachiosaurus bite!" and he responded (loudly, through tears), "But they don't eat meat!"

The other day Jay and Ty were playing in their room and laughing hysterically. I hear Jay sigh and say, "Oh man, Ty is cracking me out!"

Jay loves his little brother except when it comes to nighttime. Ty does not sleep well and wakes up screaming several times each night. Apparently this bothers Jay because the other day when I mentioned to Joe that maybe I would take Ty that night and sleep in another room Jay yelled out from the kitchen, "I'd be okay with that!"

I called Jay a "little man" a few days ago and he said, "I'm not little. I'm a big boy!" So I started to smooth that over by saying, "But I'm bigger than you so..." He interrupted me, "Yeah and Daddy's even bigger than you. He has the biggest body ever!"


-April 3, 2012-
Jay saying goodbye to his Daddy today:
"Bye, my Grandpa's son!"

-April 17, 2012-
A few minutes ago I was holding Ty and talking to Jay:
Me: "I have two good boys, don't I?"
Jay: "Yup!"
Me: "Who are my two good boys?"
Jay: "Ty and Daddy."

 Here's a video that we shot at the doctor's office when Jay developed a mysterious rash/hives. This was the first time he's ever rolled his tummy. It was pretty funny.

And some cute pictures:
Jay loves his Daddy!
Here's proof that this boy can sleep anywhere.
Jay got into some labels when I wasn't looking and turned himself into a skeleton.
Sometimes when I "misplace" my phone, I mysteriously find it with about a hundred pictures just like this.

 Jay is certainly a handful but he is a blast. We love this kid so much!


Branden and Andy said...

I'm sorry Jay has a rash; hope you can get some answers to what it is soon. Prayers are with you and I'm so happy all is going well. You have an amazing family!

Alex and Marie said...

Wow, that we fantastic. What an entertaining boy!

Shannon said...

This is the "fun" stage of life, right? Something to look forward to...
Love you!

The Nielsons said...

So funny! Aren't you glad kids add humor to everyday life??