Friday, February 3, 2012

4 Months

I cannot believe this little boy is 4 months old. It's that weird feeling of "How did it go by so fast?" and "Really? He's only been around for four months?" all mixed together. But it's true. Four. Months. Old.

Here's the stats:
Weight: 16.05 lbs (65%)
Length: 26.97 in (95%)
Head: 17.1 in (76%)

Basically his length and head size are going up in percentile and his weight is going down. Pretty soon he might look more like a blow pop than a baby but he sure is cute!

Since turning 4 months old Ty has tasted carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes... all a few days apart to test for allergies of course. I started him on solids earlier than Jay in hopes of helping his reflux... and because he was acting really hungry! So far so good. I actually feed him through a medicine syringe though because he's so used to taking medicine and it's way less messy. We'll get to the spoon maybe in a few weeks. He's also addicted to his binky, can't sleep unless he's swaddled like a straight jacket, and rarely laughs unless you're changing his diaper. But he's full of smiles and he can't get enough of his big brother Jay. They are adorable together. 

I love this kid!


Janelle said...

I love his big brown eyes! Can't wait to get him and Troopy together. And I completely know what you're talking about with those two feelings mixed together. I cannot believe how fast they grow!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

A blow pop? You make me laugh! He is so amazingly cute. We are very excited to get in on those smiles (and hopefully laughs) as we come down this weekend. Extra fun to have brothers who adore each other isn't it?!