Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scenic Saturday - Kolob Reservoir

Well, I was tired of sitting around waiting to go into labor so we packed up and went for a drive. Joe decided to take me on a road behind Zion National Park (to Kolob Reservoir) and I'm glad he did. It was gorgeous and perfect picture taking light and weather. Good job Joe.
Now I'm ready to be taking pictures of my baby... so come... now... anytime. Really.


Emily said...

That last picture is AMAZING, Stacy! Beautiful place. I hope for your sake that this baby comes soon!

Shannon said...

Wow - these photos should be framed! Gorgeous.

Random fact: A guy in my Sunday School class yesterday talked about his weekend experience in Kolob Canyon. Small world.

I hope baby comes soon! I still need your address!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

Every one of those pictures look professional. You do a great job! Glad you guys enjoy rides and beautiful Southern Utah so much. See you soon. We're excited to meet our new grandson.