Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Rocks, Fall Colors, and Snow Storms

My parents are in town so we decided to go exploring today. We drove North to Kolob Canyon. It was overcast but it made all the colors rich and deep.
I love red rocks!

Then we headed to Cedar Breaks and realized that even though it's still Summer in St. George, it's Fall everywhere else.
I love Fall!

Then we got to Cedar Breaks and didn't even get to look at it because we hit a snow storm.
No love for the slushy, snowy, shivering cold.

It almost felt like we experienced Summer, Fall, and Winter all in the same day! I hope this means Spring is coming.


Shannon said...

Stacy - those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I am in love with Fall.

Glad to hear you get some family time with your parents. Love you!

Kelsey said...


LGA Jones 06 said...

Oh my word-these pictures look like postcards! Good work! For our trip there someday we MUST go there! :)
Oh hey I gave someone I know your number-her name is Diana Golightly (married to Kevin Golightly from high school actually) and her little guy has severe milk, nut and egg allergies. I told her you may have some meal ideas. She can't think of anything to feed him.