Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day in Zion

Did you know that it's National Park Week? April 17th through the 25th it is FREE to visit any National Park. We're pretty lucky to live so close to so many of them. Saturday we decided to head up to Zion's with Joe brothers' families. It was so much fun. (By the way Katie, Joe thinks it's super weird that I have my hand on your shoulder. Apparently that's not allowed.)

Anyhow, we love Zion's cuz that's where Joe and I got engaged. Straight above our heads in this picture is the top of the mountain (Angel's Landing) where Joe proposed.
And here's Jay pointing to where it all began. Well he's not quite pointing to the right one but the only way we could get this picture was to tell him to point to the sky.

We had time for two hikes. One was called Weeping Rock, which was short but steep! Totally worth the view:
The second hike was called the Riverside Walk. That one was nice because Jay could walk the whole thing. Or when he was a little grumpy, he could ride on Daddy's shoulders...
Pretty amazing he came out alive from that one. It was all so beautiful.
And green!
Unfortunately, Jay did not recognize the optimal picture taking opportunities and sat straight faced most of the day.
He really got sick of me following him around and gave me this face a lot:
But as soon as his older, cooler cousins were around, he brightened up a bit.
It was a great day. We are loving it down here!


Shannon said...

Wow - it's beautiful down there! I really need to come and visit.

LOVE Jay's face in the second-to-last picture, by the way.

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

It was a fun day! Great pictures!

G & G Brady said...

This post makes me so happy! Seeing so many of my kids and all of my grandchildren having a fun time together. Thanks for documenting it (Even if Jay gave you 'that' look). Actually that picture makes both Dad and I laugh everytime we look at it.

Janelle said...

Haha I noticed your hand on Katie's shoulder right away, I must admit. I blew up the picture to see if that's what was happening. Then I read Joe's comment. But I don't think it's a bad thing. I thought "Oh look, they are sisters. It's nice that they like each other that much."