Saturday, March 20, 2010

Since You've Been Gone

A Post For Daddy
...And anyone else who misses this little man:
First, I guess I should explain that I am officially in St. George now but Joe is still in Boise getting all the last minute business preparation done. He'll hopefully be here TOMORROW! Jay and I are very excited because we haven't seen him in almost a week and a half.

Anyhow, when Jay woke up this morning he had a giant tweeker on the side of his head and I thought, "Man it's a shame that Joe has to miss such cuteness." But then it hit me... "Duh Stace!" (That's what I call myself...Stace.. you know like we're best friends.) Anyhow, "Duh Stace, get out of your cave and blog about it."

So here I am blogging about all the cuteness that you've missed Joe. Like Jay's "rock on" face that he whips out to impress the ladies in Nursery.
Or how much fun Jay's been having in our FENCED backyard. Or how Grandma Goostrey bought Jay a bubble machine.
He's in love.
Or how Jay runs outside each day yelling, "Meow!" trying to get all the neighborhood cats to come into our backyard. And then if they actually do come he runs back inside yelling, "Mommy!" with a look of horror on his face.

Or my favorite thing he does now is try to jump. I really need to video tape this one. He only succeeds in jumping with one foot and then he falls forward, barely getting his feet back underneath him, and laughs hysterically. He's adorable.

Come home soon Joe! We miss you!


Amy Bates said...

A.DOR.ABLE!!! Wow, nice couch too!

Davis and Laura said...

Yeah, get out of you cave and blog already! Ha. You are hilarious! Hope you are enjoying the St. George weather!

Shannon said...

LOVE the cheesy smiles Stacy. And St. George looks so warm! Call you soon?