Thursday, February 4, 2010

Third Time's The Charm

The title of this would probably lead you to believe that I have made some positive breakthrough after trying something twice before. Well not exactly. Drumroll please....

Jay went to the emergency room AGAIN! It happened on Monday when Joe and I were moving out of our house... oh p.s. we're moving but more on that later... Anyway, I was at our house, Joe was running errands, and Jay was at my parents' house. My mom ran to the store and my poor dad was all alone with Jay when it happened. Apparently, Jay's sippy cup was getting low so my dad went to fill it back up. He accidentally grabbed my milk (which looks a bit like Jay's soy milk) and put it in his bottle. Of course it didn't take long for Jay to start throwing up and my dad gave me a somewhat panicked phone call. He didn't know what he was reacting to though so it was a bit scary. I got there as fast as my car would take me and called 911. Once my mom got home she figured out what had happened and I gave Jay his Epipen a.k.a stabbing and crying. The ambulance then arrived and Jay wouldn't let the paramedics touch him. Oddly enough Jay's reaction was not as bad as the other two times. We think that's because my milk is "lactose-free" milk which still contains a small amount of lactose. Anyhow, the paramedics said that even if his reaction wasn't as bad he should still go to the hospital so in to the ambulance we went! Yes... I had to be strapped to a gurney (which if you don't know includes straps around your calves, thighs, stomach, and chest) and Jay had to be strapped to me. Then when we got to the hospital they actually wouldn't let me walk myself to the room. I had to be wheeled in on the gurney... still strapped in! Oh dear.

It was all very relaxed this time. They didn't even give him an IV, just some oral steroids. It was more of a photo op than anything horrifying. Jay was being really cute after his reaction settled down. He kept crawling to the end of the bed, pulling the covers over him, and saying "Nigh-nigh."
Cute boy.
Here's Jay and Daddy playing peek-a-boo with the blanket.
I guess we just couldn't leave Boise without another trip to the ER. One last hoorah.

(I'll post about us moving soon.)


Mike and Alli said...

Oh man. At least you got some cute photos out of it all. Way to look on the bright side of things!

Branden and Andy said...

Sorry about Jay. You know some kids grow out of it or at least it seems to get better over time. I was deathly allergic too to milk but in high school and college it seemed to get better and one day I tried it some what accidentally and I found out that I out grew it. I hope all works out and that Jay continues to get better.

Lauryl said...

How scary to have to rush your son to the emergency room! I'm glad he was fine. PS One of the weddings that you took pictures for was my cousin! Ashley and Brad Close. The pictures look great.

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

Glad he was ok, and glad his reaction wasn't as bad as last time. We are excited to have you guys down here soon.

Camille said...

wow what a scare. Your poor dad. I am glasd it wasn't worse for you guys. Good luck with the move and take care!